Events and tours

Two people stand in the background, one is blond the other has long brunette hair.  They look toward a colourful hanging installation which is in sharp focus in the foreground.
14–25 November
Exposure Exhibition tours

10–11am daily



Book a guided tour of the Exposure Exhibition, for your class or other visiting group. Bookings are essential for these tours. For enquiries or if you would like a guided tour at a different time, contact Derek Lowe,

A group of students stand shoulder-to-shoulder, with thier arms around each other, they listen to a student who is speaking on thier behalf.  They seem happy and proud.
Friday 11 November, 6-8pm
Exposure Opening Night

Invitation only 

Music til 10pm 


For students, family members and select industry guests to celebrate the opening of the Exposure 2022 Graduate Exhibition.

A man with a blue shirt and jeans talks to a woman in a blue silk jacket.  Behind them another person is interacting with a computer screen.
Friday 11 November, 1-5pm
Music Incubator networking afternoon

Invitation only


For select industry guests and music community members to network with students and see new work from the College's Commercial Music graduates prior to a student showcase of life Music as part of Opening Night.

For enquiries contact Ben Howe,

A busy room full of people who are at an opening event.  They are stylishly dressed and involved in deep conversation.  Centre frame there are two people with long hair who are deeply engrossed in a book they have selected from the shelf.
Tuesday 15 November, 6-8pm
Design Community Night

Invitation only


For select industry guests and design community members to network with students and see new work from the College's design graduates.


For enquiries contact Rachel Walton,

Large computer screens surround three people.  Two of whom have headphones on and are excitedly interacting with the screen while a third watches on.
Thursday 17 November, 6-8pm
Creative Media Production Industry Night

Invitation only


This evening is a chance for select industry guests to view screenings of graduate work and network with students. 


For enquiries contact Janey Richards,